Project Description

Junior Immersion Programme



June, July and August / Easter weeks 2018
2-4 weeks
Host Family
10 to 17

Our total immersion programmes differ from a standard homestay programme in that the student does not attend classes, but lives and immerses with a host family for the duration of their stay. Students are immersed in the English language 24 hours a day and experience day to day life with an Irish family and child of a similar age.

Living and immersing with a host family is an excellent way for students to improve their fluency and communication skills and experience Irish culture first hand.

Activities and Excursions: Families will organize two half-day activities and one full-day excursion per week.

summer accommodation

Irish people are renowned for their warmth and friendliness and our host families welcome our students into their home like another member of the family. Our families have a strong sense of community and enjoy teaching students the Irish way of life.

Our host families are an integral part of our programmes and what make us stand out. We have a full-time host family coordinator who is dedicated to recruiting the best families and regularly visits existing families to ensure high standards are being maintained.

We are in constant contact with our host families for the duration of the students┬┤ stay and our host families receive excellent feedback year after year.

Total Immersion For the total immersion programme we guarantee that there will be a child of a similar age in the host family.

Small towns, villages and rural areas in Ireland

Most of our host families are located in North Kildare and the surrounding areas, 30 - 90 minutes from Dublin city centre and airport. These locations are perfect destinations for students to experience life in a small Irish town while having the opportunity to visit Dublin city.

  • Host Family Accommodation
  • Full board
  • Two half-day activities and one full-day excursion with the host family
  • Support during the students stay